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Bringing a personal approach to personnel resource management.

Why Choose APR?

There are plenty of payroll companies to choose from, but APR does more than most. We’re here for your small business 24 hours a day. Your problems are our problems, and we can help.


  • A solution to small business payroll, human resource management, workers’ compensation, total tax filing and a whole lot more.
  • Pre-employment screening and plenty of extras to fit any business in any industry.
  • Your own personal account manager who comes to understand your business as well as you do.

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APR Provides Affordable Payroll for Small Businesses

It's no wonder that, according to our clients, the major advantages we have over our national competitors include staff responsiveness, experience and personalized service. Our clients appreciate our commitment to success. We pride ourselves on a uniquely remarkable 98 percent customer retention rate.

Why Choose APR?

At APR, we focus on providing excellent and affordable payroll management for small businesses anywhere in the United States. Why do we focus on the little guys? Because we're a small business, too, and our mission is to help support the communities that make our nation great. Our clients prefer us over the big payroll companies because at APR, you always speak to a live person. If a payroll issues comes up, we're here for you. 

When you choose a company like APR for payroll processing, you're choosing:

  • A company that looks out for your bottom line, providing a professional payroll system that works for small businesses.
  • A simplified method to human resource management that can reduce overhead costs while boosting the success of your employees.