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Fort Myers Employee Leasing

Partner a Fort Myers, FL Employee Leasing Company with Your Business

As the owner of a business, you’re used to managing a variety of responsibilities. But human resources can prove challenging and time consuming, particularly worker’s compensation. If your business has never had worker’s compensation or has had trouble finding a carrier after filing a claim or because the business is too small, those difficulties can affect the bottom line. Fortunately, you can outsource those worker’s compensation and other HR duties to APR, a Fort Myers employee leasing company that helps small and medium-sized businesses handle their HR needs.

How APR Can Help Your Fort Myers Business

No other business has the same employees, products or services, market share, and general attributes as yours, and that’s why APR customizes our services to meet your company’s needs. After working with us, you’ll discover our employee leasing services have several benefits for your business.

Lower Overhead

When employees have to split their time between doing human resources work and other business responsibilities, the consequences can include extra time and labor. For instance, some HR duties, such as payroll, are quite complicated. An employee who isn’t an HR professional will likely spend added time handling these tasks, and the risk of mistakes will be higher, compared to outsourcing the work to a Fort Myers APR professional.

Streamline Business Operations

As an employee leasing company aka professional employer organization (PEO), APR can offer the same range of services and resources to your business, as a large HR department would. Partnering with us thus alleviates the need for handling payroll, worker’s compensation and other HR matters internally. As a result, your business in Fort Myers will be streamlined, as employees can turn their focus to daily operations, which ultimately will help the bottom line.

Professional HR Services

After partnering your business with APR, you’ll still have occasions to think about human resources, even though your business will no longer be hampered with actual HR tasks. The reason is that our Fort Myers employee leasing specialists will professionalize the HR services available to your company. For example, APR uses economies of scale to get access to employee benefits packages, including worker’s compensation, health insurance, and 401(k) plans, that are comparable to what larger companies offer.

Find an Employee Leasing Company in Fort Myers, FL

APR is dedicated to helping your Fort Myers business lower its overhead and become more streamlined while avoiding complications over worker’s compensation and other human resources matters. How we accomplish these benefits to your business is by outsourcing your HR needs to our employee leasing company. Depending on the size and industry of your business, APR will customize our services to cover your specific needs for areas like worker’s compensation, payroll, or compliance with government regulations. Contact APR to learn more about our employee leasing services.