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While running your Gainesville business, you’ve likely discovered that human resources can be quite demanding. Perhaps you’re a start-up company with no experience securing worker’s compensation, maybe you filed a claim and found your current carrier dropped you, or it could even be that your business is too small to meet the minimum requirements for most worker’s compensation carriers. Add to these aggravations the fact that even basic HR duties, such as payroll, picking an employee health plan, or filing taxes, can eat up precious time that would be better spent on other tasks for your business.

But rather than struggling to handle these HR responsibilities internally, you can partner with APR. By outsourcing your company’s worker’s compensation and other HR needs to our Gainesville employee leasing company aka Professional Employer Organization (PEO), you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business.

Benefits of Working with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Human resources duties can mean time and labor costs for small and medium-sized businesses in Gainesville. Unless a business has a dedicated HR department, which is a significant cost, certain employees will have to inefficiently divide their attentions between business operations and HR duties. But a professional employer organization (PEO) can alleviate these costs and inefficiencies for a business. For instance, APR offers numerous employee leasing services that could benefit your business in several ways.

More Efficient Operations

Your company might be operating inefficiently if you or employees are splitting time between business and human resources. Particularly when employees don’t specialize in HR, tasks such as handling worker’s compensation and payroll can be complicated and time consuming. But partnering with an employee leasing company enables you and your employees to focus more efficiently on daily operations.  

Business Security

The goal for a small or medium-sized business is to grow, but a worker’s compensation claim or other human-resources snafu could prove costly to your bottom line. For small businesses that have been turned down by worker’s compensation carriers, for instance, the situation could seem untenable. But partnering with APR can bring that security to your business. With us handling your worker’s compensation and other HR needs, you and your employees will feel secure knowing that we’re available to handle any HR issues that arise.

Professional HR Services

In addition to managing the human resources needs of your business, our employee leasing specialists in Gainesville will also professionalize the HR services you receive. The benefits of professional HR services can appear in many areas. For example, the consequences from improperly filling out paperwork for a worker’s compensation claims can be steep, but with APR handling everything, your business will be in full compliance. Additionally, APR uses economies of scale, which gives us access to high-quality employee benefits packages, including health insurance, 401(k) plans, and discontinued worker’s compensation, that are typically reserved for larger companies.

Hire Our Employee Leasing Company in Gainesville, FL

APR helps businesses in the Gainesville, FL, area outsource their worker’s compensation and other human resources needs. Particularly if your business has had difficulty getting worker’s compensation, APR can help. We’ll also professionalize all your HR services, giving your business greater efficiency and security. Furthermore, partnering with our employee leasing aka PEO company enables you and your employees to devote the time and labor costs that once went to HR duties to more productive areas to improve the bottom line and help the business grow. Contact us to learn more about our services in Gainesville.