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Employee Leasing Can Grow Your Small Business

We at APR believe running a small business is as hard as it is satisfying. You can be smart, fast, and a master of your trade—and none of that will make the nuts and bolts of operating your own business any less intense.

It doesn't matter how much talent, skill, and experience you have—if you can't get the fundamentals of business organization down, how are you going to stay competitive? And maybe you don't have a problem covering those bases yourself—maybe you're a human resources expert—but do you really have the time to spend running a business and a human resources department?

We at APR know that small businesses need to be lean and mean to survive in this increasingly crowded and competitive market. You and your employees should not be spending countless business hours wondering how to handle HR and payroll problems. If that is where you are, then contracting with a Hollywood employee leasing / PEO company may be the perfect thing to help your business shed unnecessary weight and become even more competitive than it already is.

What is Employee Leasing and How Does it Work?

Employee leasing is an old idea reformed around a contemporary small business model. And, fortunately for Hollywood businesses, the experts at APR are able to create customized solutions regardless of what model your business is currently using.

Think about it, maybe you're a solo-practitioner such as a lawyer or a doctor. And maybe you only have a small staff of a few secretaries, technicians, or other part-time assistants. Are you able to afford handling all of their human resources issues on your own? Can you really afford to hire a dedicated employee to cover those duties for you? That's just adding another layer to your problem. 

Maybe you're a plumber, contractor, or electrician—and maybe you have a few dozen employees working on different crews or teams. You have the income to handle your payroll problems in-house, but why build your own expensive human resources department when it's more affordable and effective to lease one? APR has a solution to that problem as well.

That's what employee leasing is: human resources for hire.

Try it. Let our Holywood employee leasing company handle your tax, benefit, payroll, and insurance problems for you and see how much of your time, energy and creativity is made available for re-dedication to your actual profession.

You didn't start your own business to sit around messing with Excel spreadsheets all day, you started your own business to have the freedom and independence you love to practice the skills you've spent a lifetime honing into a profitable trade.

Contact APR’s employee leasing / PEO experts today to find out just what it will take to lift that burden from your shoulders so you can get back to focusing on taking your business to the next level of success.