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The Small Business Advantage

We are the advantage solution to your time-saving need. Most small business owners get the joy of wearing multiple or all the hats in the operation. Allow APR to take one or two of those off your plate. You will remain in control of all financial decisions without the stress of ensuring the details are filled in correctly.

Bookkeeping Packages Feature:

  • Document Storage
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Financial Statements
  • Monthly / Annual Account Closing
  • Monthly Depreciation
  • Bill Pay Services
  • QuickBooks Online Based
  • Payroll / PEO Services
  • Journal Adjustment Entries
  • Bill Pay Services
  • Modify Chart of Accounts
  • Sales Tax

Let us help you write the story of your books. Turning the Accounting language into English

How Outsourcing Bookkeeping Can Help You

Outsourcing the back-office operations of accounts payables, accounts receivables, payroll, and bookkeeping will continue to evolve and eventually become routine for small and mid-size companies. The benefits to outsourcing the accounting functions include improved efficiencies, more control, reduced costs, elimination of gaps in workflow due to employee turnover, improved financial reporting, and minimized risk of fraud and embezzlement. All these benefits will position your company for long-term future growth.

By implementing an outsourced accounting solution, a business can typically save 20% to 50% in accounting costs.

Advantage Personnel Resources (APR) offers Bookkeeping service solutions provided by local professionals who are experienced, respond quickly, and give every customer personal services. We are dedicated to developing quality; long-term relationships with our clients by providing customized solutions that meet their needs.

We customize all packages to fit your small/medium sized business needs.

Cloud-Based Document Management

Our document managing system allows you to store, manage, and track electronic documents as well as communicate with our organization. We are then able to assign you tasks to help ensure all information is received and all questions are answered. This system allows you to drag and drop or upload all data files with ease. The information is then securely stored in the event your device gets broken or lost. All information is organized by item/date for future use. This, of course, is an included feature for all our packages.


Security is of primary importance at Client Hub, and we run a highly secure cloud service that is described here. By leveraging Client Hub instead of sharing communication and files over email, firms can dramatically reduce the risks associated with attacks such as phishing and snooping inherent in email communication.


The AICPA and selected Client Hub for their “startup accelerator” program in 2019 as a company “that can transform the profession”.

Our revolutionary Client Hub Integration with QuickBooks Online was recognized as a Finalist of the 2020 CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award.

Accounts Payable

Bill Pay at Its Finest

Paying bills for small businesses can be costly, time consuming, and let us be honest, annoying. The impact accounts payable has on every business is larger than most can imagine. Bills must be paid, yes; But how they are paid is a big deal. Paying bills timely can lead to positive relationships with vendors and/or suppliers also leading to the growth of your business.

Outsourcing this back-office function can reduce the cost of hiring an in-house body, save time while still being able to see the payment has been completed, all the while someone else is stressing over the payment due date while you focus on your passion. Allow APR to handle the streamlining of bill payments and the worry of due dates. By allowing us to handle the accounts payable this can give your company more control over the cash flow. The software provided makes audits easier by automating record-keeping and making all records readily accessible as searchable, digital files.