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Columbus, GA Employee Leasing

Grow A Columbus, GA, Business With Employee Leasing

Employee leasing companies have adapted and grown through the years to meet the demands and expectations of today’s businesses. As more people choose to go into business for themselves, they often start with less than an entire human resources (HR) department. Joining forces with a Columbus, GA, employee leasing company lets start-ups and small businesses focus on growing, not spending time on HR paperwork.  

Who We Are

APR provides employee leasing services to businesses of all types and sizes. Our services aren’t the same as a temporary staffing agency. Rather, we assist with professional HR-related solutions ranging from payroll to employee benefits and more. APR understands how precious your time is as a business owner. With freedom from repetitive tasks adding up every week or month, full attention goes to growing your business.

Increase Employee Satisfaction & Retention

Quality benefits, timely communication, and thorough training materials and handbooks are a few ways businesses can reduce employee turnover. When you contract with APR, we do just that. Companies using employee leasing in Columbus, GA, experience a significantly lower turnover in employees with 28 to 32 percent, compared to the national average of 42 percent.

Focus on Your Columbus, GA, Business, Not Paperwork

There's a difference in being in business and employing people. As a business owner, time is better spent refining products and processes instead of filing administrative paperwork. Partnering with APR gives back this time, allowing you to focus on business itself.

Payroll Services

Tasks related to payroll frequently take more time than what people imagine. And if your company has added more employees than even a few months ago, there's even more time spent on payroll. APR, a Columbus, GA, employee leasing company, removes the tedium with online payroll processing and free direct deposit. Our payroll services are fully customizable, including specialized services for businesses in the hospitality industry. By using updated tax rates and regulatory information, our HR professionals are always up-to-date on deductions and keep you legally compliant with tax payments.

Employee Benefits

The cost of health insurance and other employee benefits continues to rise. For many small and medium-size businesses, the cost is simply too much to shoulder. But partnering with APR removes the burden through economies of scale. We're able to leverage our size to the benefit of your employees, gaining access to health and major medical benefits enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies.

Taxes & Workers’ Compensation Insurance

One of the many areas employee leasing assists businesses of all sizes is with taxes. Whether it's the ever-changing tax code or moving into a higher tax bracket, taxes take a considerable amount of time each day. APR assumes the responsibility of tracking and implementing tax changes for your business.

We're also able to provide affordable workers' compensation insurance that keeps the best interest of the business and employees in mind. This is done through our pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation insurance. Rather than making a “best guess” for what your business’s need would be to determine the premium, APR calculates the premiums based on actual payroll. This removes the hassle of a large, up-front deposit as well as the need for a year end audit.

Why Columbus, GA, Business Owners Turn To APR

Our 98-percent client-retention rate is a testament to the quality HR-solutions APR provides to businesses. When you contract with us, you can count on a personal relationship and people who want to see your business be successful. We achieve this through staying up-to-date on best practices, compliance, and regulations, while proactively keeping you and your employees informed of any changes. To learn how APR can help your Columbus, GA, business, call us today!