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Hialeah Employee Leasing

Employee Leasing in Hialeah, FL

When you started your Hialeah, FL, business, the focus was on getting the product or service to your customers. But before long, that focus shifted to hiring more employees and taking care of the many human resources-related tasks. Let APR, employee leasing specialists, focus on the HR side, so you can again focus on your business!

Enjoy The Many Benefits Of Employee Leasing

Though it's common for people to think only small businesses have a need for employee leasing, any business can enjoy the many benefits. APR employs specialists who fill human resources gaps such as training and risk management. Here are three other ways we help your Hialeah, FL, business grow and thrive.

Reduce Liabilities

One area businesses strive to avoid at all times is liability. Given the amount of liability related to payroll, taxes, and workers’ compensation insurance, employee leasing means our HR professionals stay on top of the changes in these areas. APR pays employee wages along with reporting all required state and federal taxes. We also handle the state unemployment taxes for your business. 

Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation

One of the biggest areas a Hialeah, FL employee leasing company such as APR helps small- to medium-sized businesses every day is with workers’ compensation insurance. This safeguard for employers and employees often comes with significant costs for the employer, whether there are 2 employees or 200 employees. When a business partners with APR, we’re able to offer pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation rather than the traditional model of a one-size-fits-all approach. There isn’t an upfront deposit or year-end audit which means small companies, such as start-ups, are able to keep more money in their pockets for other business expenses. Also, due to economies of scale, APR can write companies with no prior workers compensation coverage.

Improve Production

Small businesses who used employee leasing services grew seven to nine percent faster than its counterpart, according to the Intuit Small Business Employment Index. Our HR professionals specialize in many areas such as payroll processing, health benefits, and retirement plans. Payroll processing is one of the largest expenses for any business for both time and money. Then, if a mistake is made in calculations or compliance with ever-changing tax laws, the business will need to spend more time and money to straighten out the issues. APR’s payroll services lets you focus on running daily operations rather than payroll compliance and reporting.

Streamline Operations

Having a jack-of-all-trades or several can be a boon to any business. But there comes a certain point when the handiest of employees can’t take on any more responsibilities. This is where APR, a Hialeah, FL employee leasing company, helps you streamline operations. By undertaking human resources tasks, the jacks-of-all-trade can focus on other business operations. You're aware of changes to compliance guidelines, regulations, and laws affecting business, because we believe in constant communication with clients.

Team With An Employee Leasing Company in Hialeah, FL

As a business owner, there's a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders. But as the business grows, the responsibility only increases. Let APR give you a helping hand with the responsibility of owning a business and watch your business flourish. Our team of HR professionals keeps employees and you up-to-date on changes to compliance and regulations while shouldering several legal liabilities. For businesses with an HR department, we work with them and provide support for efficient and effective results. No matter the size of your Hialeah, FL, business, APR can help. Call us today to find out how!