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How Drug and Alcohol Testing Can Save You Money

 Jul 23rd 2015       Human Resources Articles

How Testing in the Workplace Can Save You Money

The topic of drug testing in the workplace has raised quite the debate. Many arguments exist supporting both sides of the argument. For employees, it may feel like a violation of their right to privacy. For employers, it may seem like an extensive and costly process that may not yield positive results.

Drug and alcohol facts

According to the American Council for Drug Education, Americans consume sixty percent of the world’s illegal drugs. Two million Americans use heroin, six million use cocaine, 18 million suffer from alcohol abuse and about 23 million use marijuana at least four times a week.

Why drug and alcohol testing is worth the money

Considering this, what happens when a worker is under the influence and causes an on-the-job accident? Well, if multiple people are involved, there’s a chance that one or more may go on disability and leave you paying high workers’ compensation costs.

When you look at the big picture, this hypothetical situation could have been prevented with post-offer of employment or pre-access drug and alcohol testing. By pre-screening an employee, you can detect potentially risky behaviors and avoid losing money in the long run.

In fact, a 2011 survey released by the U.S. Society for Human Resource Management and the U.S. Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association shows significant return on investment with the implementation of a drug and alcohol testing program:

  • Lower workers’ compensation claims – Organizations with high incidence rates experienced a 50 percent drop
  • Lower absenteeism rates – Organizations with absenteeism rates higher than 15 percent experienced a 50 percent decrease
  • Improved productivity – about 19 percent of employers experienced an increase in productivity
  • Higher retention rates – about 16 percent saw a decrease in employee turnover

The importance of implementing a Drug Free Policy

If, and only if, you have a Drug Free Policy in place, you can do random drug testing. “For cause” testing is when there is a workplace accident or when an employee acts in a way that suggests drug or alcohol impairment.

We think employee drug testing is worth it in the long run. Still not sure about it? Give us a call at 352-495-7719 and talk to a professional today!

Disclaimer: Under Florida Law, an employer may be eligible for a workers’ compensation discount if he/she adopts a Drug-Free Workplace Program.