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Miami Employee Leasing

Let Miami, FL Employee Leasing Help Your Business

Being a business owner in Miami is a day and night job. The hard work pays off when you see your dream coming to fruition as the business grows in production and employees. But what do you do when the time and resources for health benefits, taxes, compliance, and other human resource related tasks aren’t there? Employee leasing company APR can help you out in these areas and more so you can continue to focus on your business.

Free Yourself From The Hassle of Administration

Your to-do list as a business owner is already full, so why not check a few things off with the help of a Miami employee leasing company? Also referred to as a professional employer organization (PEO), APR specializes in human resource services such as health benefits, tax reporting, risk management consulting, and payroll. With years of experience, we help you and your employees by providing high quality HR services and let you focus on the business itself.

PEO arrangements have been growing nationwide for several years. As of 2015, up to 16 percent of small businesses in the United States use employee leasing. These are businesses with 10 to 99 employees spanning industries such as professionals including doctors, retailers, and engineers, tech companies, and small manufacturers.  

Why Your Miami Business Needs an Employee Leasing Company

Small to medium size businesses partner with an employee leasing company like APR everyday for reasons as individual as the businesses themselves. Some recognize their HR department could use help in areas. Others are start-ups without the ability to have an in-house department. Whatever your need, APR works with you to finetune HR needs and administer services for employees and business alike.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Employees reap many benefits from an employee leasing agreement. APR provides professional HR and safety services, training, and improved communications between the HR department and employees. With our ability to use economies of scale to their benefit, employees enjoy comprehensive benefit packages often only available to large companies.

Stay Current With Regulations & Requirements

State and federal regulations and employment laws undergo frequent changes. Staying up-to-date on these changes can be difficult and time consuming for any business. APR helps Miami employers with compliance obligations while shouldering responsibility from the contractual agreement.

Control Labor Costs & Grow Your Bottom Line

A Miami employee leasing company isn’t a staffing agency. We partner with your business and keep existing employees, assisting both the business and employees with our services and benefits. Labor costs are reduced and controlled because APR shoulders the responsibility for human resource and risk management, tax compliance, and other major administrative tasks. With us taking care of administration, you can focus on business production to grow your bottom line.

Let APR Help You Grow Your Miami Business

You’d rather spend your time, energy, and money running your business than poring over administrative tasks and paperwork. APR knows and acknowledges this fact. With ever changing state and federal HR regulations, our specialists take care of understanding compliance and keeping your business up-to-date. Growing your business also requires satisfied employees which APR has a track record of creating through our training and HR services and informed communication. If you want to spend more time on day-to-day business operations and less on administration, call APR today!