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Ocala Employee Leasing

APR Employee Leasing and PEO Services in Ocala, Florida

As a business owner, you likely wish for a few more minutes to each day. Those minutes could be one more customer shipment sent out or troubleshooting a maintenance issue. APR is the company who Ocala business owners turn to to gain those precious minutes. Call us today to learn more about our employee leasing services!

How We Help Businesses

Ocala employee leasing isn't the same as temporary staffing. Rather, it’s outsourcing part or all your human resource needs. By doing this, you have the freedom to concentrate on the core areas of your business. Your time won't be spent filling out paperwork when production demands are increasing. Whether your company has five employees or five hundred, call APR to find out how our human resource professionals can streamline your business today.

All 50 states recognize and regulate employee leasing agreements. APR and other employee leasing companies assume legal responsibilities around liability and taxes. These responsibilities also include workers' compensation and state unemployment insurance taxes. By shouldering the responsibility, we work behind-the-scenes letting you concentrate on business operations.

Count The Ways APR Can Assist Your Ocala Business

From online payroll processing to background checks, APR helps businesses of all size focus on doing what they do best. While we could list all the ways customers have said we've helped, here are the top three we hear.

Risk Management

There are many areas an employee leasing company can help you reduce costs. One area most small business owners often overlook is risk management. When you partner with APR, experienced professionals mitigate employment risks with thorough hiring practices, including background checks and drug screening. Mitigating risk reduces any associated liability to your business.

Reduce Overhead & Labor Costs

Whether your business has five employees or 500, employee leasing can reduce business overhead and labor costs. By outsourcing even a handful of HR-related tasks, you’ll be streamlining your on-site business. Yes, there are still costs associated with employee leasing. But, APR’s staff are trained and experienced in all areas of HR, leaving you to reap the benefits of our efficiency and knowledge.

Stay Current On Compliance & Regulations

Many small business employees are at a disadvantage under employment laws and regulations. Major laws and regulations at state and federal levels don’t apply due to workforce size exemptions. But when you partner with APR, you can be assured your employees have protection and coverage with the co-employer agreement. With employees who specialize in compliance and regulatory issues, your business receives up-to-date information and guidance.

Take Back Your Time With APR’s Employee Leasing Services

No doubt it doesn't take long to roughly add up how much time you and others spend each week on human resource related tasks. Even payroll processing takes up time you can instead be fine-tuning business operations. Partnering with APR gives you back that time. All our Ocala employee leasing services are customizable to your business. Gain focus, efficiency, and professional service today by partnering with APR!