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Orlando Employee Leasing

APR Employee Leasing and PEO Services in Orlando, Florida

Too often business owners find themselves in the "business of employment." Payroll, benefits, tax reporting, and other human resource (HR) tasks become redundant and time consuming. If you prefer to spend time fine tuning revenue production, partnering with an Orlando employee leasing company is the first step. Find out what other Orlando businesses already know and call APR today!

Employee Leasing Isn’t Employee Staffing

When a business contracts with an Orlando employee leasing company, you aren’t replacing your current workforce in any capacity. Instead, we support your current employees with professional services and expertise in all areas of human resource management.

APR Gives You Back Time

As an Orlando business owner, your time is a precious commodity. Day-to-day operations and production have your attention, but redundant tasks take away more attention than you’d like. When you partner with APR, we take on HR tasks and let you focus on the day-to-day of running your business. Specializing in HR means you and your employees receive up-to-date information and communication, without losing production time.

Employee Leasing Services Save You Money

It may seem like employee leasing would only benefit small businesses, but we work with businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Coupling Web-based HR technologies and a dedicated staff with years of experience and expertise allows you to reduce overhead and hiring costs. All our services are customizable to your business’s needs.

Satisfied Employees

Employees find satisfaction in many areas, including through increased communication. With HR professionals ready to assist, employees receive a quicker turnaround time to information. We have the resources to provide training, manuals, and safety services to your employees.

How Does APR Work With My Business?

When business contracts with an Orlando employee leasing company like APR, we become co-employers to your workplace employees. By doing this, we support your company through administrative and human resource management. Companies benefit by focusing on production and operational tasks rather than administrative paperwork. Call us today to learn more about how APR can benefit your Orlando business!

We Keep Up With Regulations & Compliance For You

Though APR shares obligations with the business, we have employees who specialize in compliance knowledge so you don't have to. With these areas ever changing, we stay on top of it and communicate with you and your employees. This allows us, and you, to be proactive rather than reactive to state and federal regulations.

Better Benefit Offerings For Employees

Benefits such as health insurance can quickly become cost prohibitive to businesses. Using economies of scale, employee leasing services allow you to access and offer comprehensive benefits for your employees. Many of these benefits are akin to what employees at large corporations receive. Employees have stability and security with an inclusive benefits package, reducing turnover and hiring costs for you.

Grow Your Orlando Business With APR’s Help!

Partnering with APR gives you the freedom to focus on running your business instead of spending time on HR tasks. Our professional staff has the experience and expertise to aid you and your employees in many specialized areas. Whether we're helping streamline your on-site HR department or overseeing all HR for you, APR lets you give 100 percent to your business. Call us today to find out how employee leasing can help your business grow!