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Overtime Laws Explained

 Mar 23rd 2015       Human Resources Articles Payroll Articles

Overtime Laws Explained

Exploring Overtime Laws

If you own a small business with the goal of expansion, you have a lot of decisions ahead of you. It’s not easy to determine at what point hiring another employee is profitable, and it may be tempting to just work your current employees overtime. While this may be a temporary solution, the additional costs will add up.

What are the minimum wage and overtime laws?

The Fair Labor Standards Act specifies that a work week is seven consecutive days of work and that any work done in surplus of 40 hours within those seven days requires overtime pay for hourly employees. There are no Florida laws that have daily overtime.

Florida’s minimum wage is currently $7.93 per hour. Minimum overtime wage is $11.90 per hour OR one and one-half time regular pay. There are exceptions, but most small businesses must follow this law.

Why are there overtime laws?

Overtime laws are for the protection of Florida’s workers. Without legal and financial repercussions, it would be easier to exploit and overwork employees.

Are your employees exempt from overtime laws?

Even if you only have one employee, you may still be subject to overtime laws. Find out the Fair Labor Standards Act exemptions here.

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