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PEO Employee Leasing Process

How A PEO Can Simplify Your Day-To-Day

There are many advantages to leasing employees through a PEO company, but what’s a business’ day-to-day like after entering an employee leasing agreement? Some business owners may worry the changes could disrupt their workflow or diminish their executive decision-making power. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Learn more about the employee leasing process, what changes to expect, and how we can help your company grow. Ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us for a quote!

Getting Started

Once we have a clear understanding of your business operations and needs, we can get started on drafting an employee leasing agreement, outlining all the services to be provided. This contract may vary depending on your type of business and specific demands. Contact us to learn more about how we can work with your particular industry and scale of operations.


Partnering with a PEO means you’ll enter what is known as co-employment. As its name suggests, co-employment occurs when some or all of your employees are also directly employed under the employee leasing company. These employees are most often HR-related positions, depending on the business’ specific needs. But don’t worry — you’ll still retain full control of your company, your employees, as well as all hiring and firing decisions.

Under co-employment, you call the shots, and your PEO makes it happen. Both parties have a clearly-defined role. You get to focus on growing your business while the PEO focuses on the behind-the-scenes, routine tasks, such as providing employee benefits and managing HR.

Your PEO will take on specific employer obligations, which you can choose. You give the PEO the power to handle crucial administrative tasks like tax withholding, payroll, and providing benefits to your employees. Your PEO can also handle any employee disputes, unemployment claims, and workers’ compensation claims.

In the end, what you get is a full-service HR team with amazing perks. These include less liability, discounts on benefits, and better overall benefits packages to attract new hires and retain your current ones — good PEO can drastically reduce your employee turnover rate!