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Recruit Talent Using LinkedIn

 Apr 23rd 2015       Human Resources Articles

Recruit Talent Using LinkedIn

Using Social Media for Recruiting

As a small business owner with a growing business, you wear many hats. We at Advantage Personnel Resources want to alleviate some of that responsibility for you. One way we can help is by completing pre-employment screening for potential hires. But how do you find the right person for the job? LinkedIn may be able to help.

Your Personal Profile

Every day, LinkedIn has 45 million profile views. You can not only view potential employee’s profiles, but they can view yours, so it’s important to put your best foot forward.

  • Introduce yourself. Your profile should have a headline and summary that shows why you’re on LinkedIn. Write in the first person and give curious job-seekers an insight into who you are.
  • Show and tell. Include pictures that show potential hires what you’ve been working on - videos, blogs, websites, research, menus, etc. Show the successes of your company to help inspire potential employees to envision themselves working there.
  • It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you. Post updates that mention your connections, and when they respond, those who view your profile will have a better understanding of who your connections really are.

Your Company Page

The most important thing to remember about your business page on LinkedIn is one thing: It’s not Facebook, so don’t treat it that way. The goal is not to find potential clients and entertain them. The goal is to grow a valuable network that will help your business grow, whether through talent recruitment or business connections.

  • Introduce your business. The summary should reflect the culture and personality of your business. Why did you start the business? Why would other people be interested in joining it?
  • Promote your business. Extend the reach of a regular update by “sponsoring” the content. For as little as $10 a day, you can reach a specific demographic with your message. You can promote content to demographics that are based on geography, industry, job title and more.

Track Your Success

The ultimate measure of success is whether or not you find the talent you’re looking for. In the meantime, measure it in these ways [through the analytics tab at the top of your business page]:

  • Your profile: Who’s viewed it? Who’s viewed your updates? Is your network growing?
  • Your business profile: How many people have viewed your updates? How many people clicked on your updates? How many followers have you acquired?

Tips for Doing it Right

  • Your perfect employee may not be actively looking for a career change, but that just means you need to find and approach them first. Forty-five percent of people on LinkedIn say they are not looking for a job, but they’re open to talking to recruiters about career opportunities.
  • Before wasting time and resources giving potential hires a phone call or direct mail piece, reach out to them using LinkedIn InMail. The response rate, on average, will be 3 times higher than contacting them through regular email.
  • As you craft your job description listing, keep in mind the exact candidate you want, and then “sponsor” the update directly to that demographic.
  • Recruit your current employees to promote the job posting on their own profiles, as well as ensuring that their profiles are up to par with your brand standards.

Once you’ve found a candidate that you believe will be a perfect fit in your company, make sure you work with Advantage Personnel Resources to handle the pre-employment screening that includes background checks, drug testing, driving history, and education and employment verification. Get more tips directly from LinkedIn here.