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St. Petersburg Employee Leasing

APR Employee Leasing and PEO Services in St. Petersburg, Florida

Sometimes businesses take off overnight. As a business owner, when it happens, it’s a wonderful feeling. But left in the wake can be more layers of administrative tasks and not enough minutes in the day. Don’t let business growth be stunted because of administration, contact a St. Petersburg employee leasing company today!

All Businesses Can Benefit From Employee Leasing

More than 156,000 small to mid-sized businesses currently use an employee leasing arrangement in the United States. As this number is expected to grow in the coming years, find out why all types of businesses are turning to employee leasing companies.

What is an Employee Leasing Company?

A an employee leasing company such as APR partners with you, co-employing your workplace employees. The contract for the arrangement outlines responsibilities that fall to us and to you, the business. Under most arrangements, APR handles wages and withholdings for employees while reporting and depositing employment taxes to appropriate authorities. We also manage and assist with compliance with federal and state regulations. You and your business keep responsibility for operations, marketing, sales, and services.

Employee Leasing Companies Are Regulated & Recognized

States and federal entities recognize employee leasing companies as employers or co-employers. We follow specific licensing, registration, and/or regulations from all levels. Because of this, APR and others like us have people on staff who specialize in state and federal regulations and subsequent compliance for you and your business.

Additionally, the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) advocates a Code of Ethics and best practices which APR and other member companies follow.

How Does A St. Petersburg Employee Leasing Company Work With My Business?

Whether your business is opening its doors for the first time or is transitioning into growth, APR can help you and your employees. Here are three areas we often hear from customers about.


For employees, the overarching benefit is economies of scale. Small businesses often can’t afford to provide employee benefits such as health insurance and 401(k) plans. And for businesses who fall under federal mandates for benefits, they’re often the least required. A St. Petersburg employee leasing company leverages their know-how and size as a co-employer to bring high-quality benefits to small business employees.

Economies of Scale

Economies of scale are also a major benefit to you, the business owner. Employee leasing allows you to choose between having even a tiny in-house HR department or outsourcing HR tasks completely. Fewer people on-site can mean staying in a smaller building until your business outgrows it, a goal of most business owners. It’s also cost-effective by saving time through outsourcing repetitive administrative tasks to us.

Payroll & Taxes

One area that small business owners talk to us over and over about is payroll and taxes. This necessary task can quickly take up more time than previously planned for every week, other week, or month. APR’s payroll specialists take care of your business’s payrolls needs and associated taxes to let you stay focused on running your business.

Let APR Cut Through The Red Tape

Running a successful business doesn’t happen through set business hours. It’s the behind-the-scenes work that makes the difference. Give yourself more of that time by working with APR. Our team of human resources professionals works with your current department or as a standalone, depending on your needs. Our goals are the same as yours – to provide efficient and professional HR services to help your St. Petersburg, FL business grow and succeed.