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Tallahassee Employee Leasing

APR Employee Leasing and PEO Services in Tallahassee, Florida

As a Tallahassee business owner, your company's bottom line is the focal point of daily operations. With a finite amount of time in each day, partnering with an employee leasing company recoups time and money. APR helps small-to-medium sized businesses throughout Tallahassee, FL and North Central Florida by handling human resource (HR) related tasks.

What Is Employee Leasing?

Employee leasing isn’t the same as temporary staffing. Partnering with APR doesn’t mean you’ll replace your current workforce. Instead it’s streamlining the HR-related tasks that can bog down a business, giving back time and money to give your full attention to the bottom line.

An employee leasing company like APR has the experience and expertise to provide high quality HR-related solutions to businesses of all sizes. With employees who specialize in areas such as compliance and regulations, payroll, and employee benefits, you and your employees receive up-to-date information and increased communication.

Streamline HR Tasks & Focus On Business

But how does employee leasing cut costs for small to medium size businesses? By reducing labor costs and overhead. In-house HR departments find our services helpful for cutting down time consuming tasks. Small businesses like start-ups are able to give employees access to HR professionals while keeping hiring costs to a minimum. Our services are fully customizable, letting you find the solutions to your business needs.  

Employee Leasing Is Regulated

A Tallahassee employee leasing company such as APR is recognized and regulated by the state of Florida. Since employee leasing companies operate in all 50 states, many states require some form of specific licensing, registration, and/or regulations. Because of this, we’re either the employer or co-employer of worksite employees. From there, APR handles workers’ compensation, state unemployment insurance, and other tax liabilities, not your business.

Improve Employee Benefit Offerings & Communication

Health benefits like insurance and supplemental policies can quickly become cost-prohibitive to small businesses. Employees are left to shoulder the increased costs or find other means of health insurance. APR uses economies of scale to provide benefits often only found with Fortune 500 corporations and other large companies.

Employees who are co-employed under an employee leasing agreement receive accurate and thorough information from HR professionals. Any questions and concerns are addressed in a prompt and professional manner.

Stay Up-To-Date on Compliance

State and federal regulations and governance for businesses is always evolving. Keeping up with these changes is time consuming, especially if you're a business owner. An employee leasing company employs compliance specialists who communicate all changes and updates in a proactive manner. Your liability for compliance and regulatory issues reduces through the co-employer agreement.

Partner With APR To Save Time & Money Today!

It sounds cliche, but it's true. When you partner with APR, you're giving yourself back time and money otherwise spent on administrative tasks. Many business owners have found this time is better spent on doing what they do best – running their business. From payroll solutions to comprehensive employee benefits, APR has the expertise and experience to help your business flourish. As more and more businesses turn to employee leasing services, find out how APR can help you today!