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Tampa Employee Leasing

APR Employee Leasing and PEO Services in Tampa, Florida

Time is money as a business owner. Whether your business is just getting off the ground or is established and growing, employee leasing has many benefits to you. Small companies can provide human resource (HR) services to employees they otherwise can't. Medium to large sized companies have found their on-site HR departments become more efficient when partnered with an employee leasing company.

How Does An Employee Leasing Company Work?

When you contract with an employee leasing company such as APR, we share employment responsibilities of your employees. We take care of payroll, tax compliance, and other HR-related tasks. Employees enjoy a professional staff specializing in several areas of human resources. This allows us to quickly answer specific questions from employees and lets you concentrate on running your business. Whether you have an on-site HR department or need help in this area, APR customizes its services to your business needs.

Let Us Count The Ways We Help You!

Working with a Tampa employee leasing company streamlines your human resources department. By doing so, you and your employees can focus on running the business and production. In fact, it's estimated up to three million Americans are employed under an employee leasing arrangement. There are many ways APR helps small to medium sized businesses, but here are the top three ways customers say we’ve helped them.

Wages & Taxes

Under the arrangement, APR accepts responsibility for paying employee wages along with state and federal taxes. We report all withholdings, FICA, FUTA, and other taxes and make sure employees receive their wages. Most states also recognize the employee leasing company as the company of record for unemployment claims.


State and federal rules and regulations continually evolve. With so many other details to worry about as a business owner, APR and other employee leasing companies stay up-to-date on the changes for you. In many employee leasing arrangements, we support employees of small companies with coverage and protection under employment laws and regulations otherwise only available to large corporations.

Employee Benefits

It goes without saying benefits such as health insurance and dental and vision care are a big expense for businesses which offer them. Using economies of scale, an employee leasing company like APR is able to access and offer employee benefits usually only large corporations can offer. Examples of these benefits include 401(k), life insurance, and a flexible spending plan. When you're able to provide employees with improved communications, manuals, and training, job satisfaction and productivity often increase.

APR Helps Your Tampa Business Grow

You know the ins and outs of running your business each day. APR lets you focus on that while taking care of your employees from an HR standpoint. Employees receive up-to-date information and communication about payroll, employee benefits, and individualized answers to questions. Think of an employee leasing arrangement as a partnership working to grow your business inside and out. To learn more about APR or to set up an employee leasing consultation, contact us today!