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Total Tax Services

APR's Payroll Taxes Services

Total Tax Filing for Small Businesses

Eliminate penalties from tax filing errors and late filings.

APR Total Tax Filing provides your small business with relief from the burden of time consuming payroll calculations, filing deadlines and penalties for errors. The complexity and fluency of the tax filing requirements can cause payroll nightmares for your business. APR Payroll with Total Tax will handle all of your filing, reporting and depositing needs.

The complete tax filing services include:

  • Each pay period collect we payroll tax from your bank account
  • We provide copies of all files for your records
  • We're responsible for timely deposits and reporting
  • We file amended returns as needed
  • We ensure regulatory compliance
  • You have peace of mind with our no risk guarantee!

We are so confident in our services that we will assume the responsibility and liability for the accuracy and timeliness of your returns and deposits. We will pay any fines or penalties if we make a mistake.